It is popularly said, “The size of a fight is measured by the price that is to be won”… I wrote a research paper in school this semester that supports the notion. It was on Alexander the Great of Macedonia; here’s a brief summary of the paper…
Alexander became king at a young age and continued his fathers’ quest to “conquer the world”. He believed that he could unite the world into a single empire under one ruler. Because of this, he fought for about 13years conquering many kingdoms and at the time of his death, Alexander’s kingdom extended over 3 continents!
While I did the research for this paper, I was thinking… it’s never that deep. Thirteen years of war! I could imagine the death around Alexander that time and that he couldn’t be with his family or the fact that he was unable to stay in Macedonia to rule the land he was already king of. In my mind, I was wondering why someone would go to such lengths?
And then I started to consider it from Alexander’s view. Perhaps he wasn’t considering the deaths or his loneliness. Maybe he set his eyes on the goal ahead. He imagined being the ruler of numerous kingdoms and managing the riches of those kingdoms and then I got it! I could understand why he made the choices he did!
Many times in life we sacrifice that which is important to us for something that we hope would give us greater satisfaction. We let go of things we love for the sake of the people we love. In school, you sacrifice the fun you could have with your friends for good results. There’s almost always something that we must forgo in life.
Thinking on these, I remembered the cross and all that Christ did for us. God sent His son for one reason only…because He loves us!! Jesus came and sacrificed His life for us so we can live for Him. I don’t know how that makes you feel but it truly excites me. I am to Jesus what three continents were to Alexander. I’m important to Him… I’m worth the sacrifice! Jesus did not care that He would be away from The Father for some time… it didn’t matter to Him that He would be disrespected, spat on, insulted and betrayed by the men He created! It was of no importance to Him because I mean more to Him than all this. Through it all, He was THINKING OF ME!! He fought for my soul because I am of great significance to Him.

Easter is a great time to reflect on what Jesus did for you, however; also use this time to remind yourself how important you are to Him. Don’t let anyone make you feel like less than who you are! Enjoy liberty in Christ! YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR! JESUS LOVES YOU!!