MORNING MOTIVATION 4 – To the Broken Hearted

I was supposed to be studying my Bible but like most Christians in my generation, I’d gotten distracted by a Facebook notification that popped up on my screen… I closed my bible app, religiously apologized to the HolySpirit and moved on to Facebook. I said ‘Sorry Lord, let me just check this thing sharp sharp.’ and then I giggled because I was trying to bribe Him with my cuteness. I’d been studying 1Corinthians 13: 4-7

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (NLT)

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

The HolySpirit had just taught me that LOVE as defined by this bible passage isn’t just all these things, but it’s all these things, all the time and at the same time! So, Love isn’t kind today and patient tomorrow, NO! Love is always kind and always patient. ALWAYS!! 

I was really excited at the new revelation or the reminder I had just gotten and I thought the lesson was over for the day but then I opened my Facebook to just reply a message and after almost an hour of scrolling through, I saw this… 
And then He said to me… Freda… Don’t blame Love for the mistakes men make– Freda Fred-Addo (HolySpirit inspired)

So someone hurt you… That doesn’t mean love is bad. Let go, and Love again! 
I hope this helps someone heal and learn to move on… 
P.S. – A lot of my posts have nothing to do with my personal life. I love you and I appreciate the care but y’all need to stop asking if I’m alright 😂😂
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Freda Fred-Addo

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Morning Motivation 3- Dear Diary

Good morning,
I woke up this morning feeling the urge to share one of my unconventional write ups… The ones that won’t normally make the cut. Not cuz they’re not good or nothing but simply because I wrote them specifically for myself…

Few weeks ago (maybe even months now) my friend who’s very dear to me texted me for one of our usual rant sessions… We’re really close and she’s such an amazing person! That kind of friend that you’d pray for even more than you’d pray for yourself sometimes. She’s extremely awesome!!
Every time she comes to mind and I imagine her in my future, I always picture her with this amazing man by her side!! The kind of man that you’d say ‘deserves’ her. But the boy she’s seeing now is ‘scoin scoin’… Everyone says she could do better and it’s not the kind of ‘you can do better’ that we’d say behind her back, we actually say it to her face! That’s how confident we are that she could aim higher… But you how love can be naa…

Anyway. One day we were talking about one of his ‘misbehaviors’ and I remembered something I’d written to myself a while back… I have these ‘reminder/pick me up’ messages I leave myself… I feel like everyone should do these… It really helps! I set alarms on my phone to remind me to check them once a while and they really help with my decision making process…

I shared this one with her and it helped a lot… I hope it helps you too! Feel free to share!


Freda Fred-Addo
IG+Twitter- @el_freedah


Yesterday, I lost a sister… I don’t think it’s right to call her a friend, because she meant more to me. When I first started this blog, Sharon would call me to pray with me, encourage me and tell me what I was doing was a good thing! She was an amazing person and will forever be in my heart!
I didn’t get to spend much time with her because of the age difference and the fact that she was always a few steps ahead of me in life! But we share a few memories!
When I first got to high school in JS1, she was in SS3! And that always worked to my favor. We aren’t related by blood but she cared for me the same way she did her younger sisters who were in our school too.
My favorite memory of Sharon is of one Friday in school when we had ‘labor’! For my foreign readers and those who attended day school, labor was a weekly school activity that required the students to clean the school environment. There was always a labor prefect to supervise along with other prefects and SS3 students.
Obviously, this was nobody’s favorite activity! And at the top of the list of people who hated it were Freda and Mofi (Sharon’s Sister and my best friend). Mofi and I would say almost anything to get out of labor, and that Friday, Sharon decided to break the rules for us. So we were dodging labor in Sharon’s room. It was almost the end of the term so we were all very broke but Sharon had 200 Naira and that was her last! She gave it to us and asked us to go to the bakery and buy bread… in her words, “We can manage it for the next few days”… I don’t remember clearly where Sharon went but by the time she came back, Mofi and I had consumed a whole loaf of bread… EACH!!
When Sharon came into the room she had this really shocked look on her face… we had braced ourselves for the shouting, but she turned it into a joke and started calling us ‘bread’! Today, I’ve got high school teachers that still call me ‘bread’!
I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sharon angry to the extent of yelling! She was so peaceful and cheerful and loving. There truly was a “ROSE” in Sharon!
It’s sad that her life was so brief but I’m convinced she’s in a better place! What saddens me most is the fact that I never got to tell her how dear she was to me… I guess that will have to wait till we meet in heaven!


Many times, we don’t get to appreciate the people around us for the love they’ve shown us! I’ve learnt my lesson and I refuse to lose people before they know their importance. We have no idea how far nice, comforting words can go. Sharon knew I loved her… I just wish I said it more!
Don’t let the people in your life die or walk away without knowing they were loved! Say “I LOVE YOU” a little more often!

Please leave comments and condolences for the Arowolo Family and remember to add them in your prayers!
God bless you, and thank you for reading.



I sat at my study table wondering what to write. Its been a while since I blogged so I’m a bit rusty. It’s my dad’s birthday today so I planned to write something for him but I’ve been sitting here for almost 30 minutes thinking on what to write and I can’t seem to come up with anything! ☹ This is not because there’s nothing to say about him (If you’ve met my dad you’ll definitely have something to say)… but how do you pen down thoughts on the most amazing person you know?!
After sitting at my desk for almost an hour and thinking on what direction to take this, I finally decided to use one of my childhood experiences to describe my dad! ☺ Enjoy!

dad n Jay

I remember Saturdays so clearly right now because every Saturday morning, I was woken up by Randy Travis’ Inspirational Journey album. I can still remember dad’s speakers booming from right under my room and the first thing I would hear was “I will not drown in shallow waters”. That was always my wake up call… One Saturday was different though. I woke up without the music and my curiosity drove me to dad’s study where the music usually came from. I found him talking with Daniel, my elder brother about something while trying to put some order to the study and as the last born that I was, I interrupted their discussion and jumped on my daddy! (I was 6years old then so he could still pick me up x_x) I remember offering to help him clean and he gave me the tiniest job there (good days).

Daniel n Fred

While we were working, an animated movie came up and that was sort of “Our Thing” Dad and I would sit and watch cartoons and have what seemed like intelligent discussions to me then about Fred Flintstone and Top cat! (Apparently, he was just making my childhood fun). However, this particular cartoon was different. I had been talking about it for a while because I had seen the preview and I didn’t even expect it to air on TV for a while because it had just come out that year. Luckily for us, it did! I was so happy, I called dad to see “our movie” and that’s how we sat to watch it. It was titled “THE MIRACLE MAKER” it was a movie about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. At the end of the movie, I couldn’t hold back the tears… I turned to dad whose leg I was sitting on and asked him why people were so cruel to Jesus. He seemed like a cool guy to me… didn’t do anything wrong. Dad took me and explained the whole idea of Jesus’ death and that he did it for me! So I wouldn’t have to die and I could live in total liberty. I was UTTERLY AWED! I didn’t understand why someone would love me that much… what had I done to deserve it?
After telling me all about Jesus, dad asked me the most important question! “Jesus died for you, do you want to live for Him?” and with so much tears in my eyes I managed to blurt out yes… and he prayed with me. The Holy Spirit came upon me and I began to speak in tongues. It was just amazing! We had church in there!

free and fred

It pains me that I can’t afford to build him a house right now, or buy him a car, or handle all his bills… I know eventually, I will. But sometimes, I want to give him something huge right now. My father gave a 6-year-old girl the greatest gift ever… he gave me GOD and introduced me to Jesus… and there’s no way I can repay him for that. I remember reading the scriptures as a child and reading about Jesus and thinking “oh! This guy is a lot like daddy”… a man who would give a prostitute a second chance, or know that his betrayer was eating with him on the same table and still let him pick from his plate… a man who could just give so much love and expect nothing in return! That’s the kind of man my dad is… Coolest dude i know! He’s a giver, a lover, an amazing FATHER but an even better FRIEND!


I LOVE YOU DADDY! YOU ROCK! We’re going to do great things for God together!