Morning Motivation 5- Half Truths

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The first sin of the first man and woman on earth was not the disobedience of eating the fruit. As much as the entire world likes to blame the woman for making the man to eat of the tree which God had instructed them not to, that was not the first sin she committed! That’s not what caused us to be taken out of the Garden in Eden.

The first sin that was committed was doubt… and just as it was to then, it still is now. Satan never approaches us with fornication right there, there are always preambles and enticers he places here and there.

Genesis 3:4-5
And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

The serpent offered the woman was a chance to be ‘as gods’ (Gen 3)… what she didn’t know is that God had already made her a god!
The devil offered a semblance of what God had already given her! The devil’s biggest weapon is half truths and not even lies! He blows at your faith! He causes us to question the words of God by quoting them and trying to discredit parts of it – “did God really say stealing is a sin? It must just depend on who you’re telling the lie or on your reasons for lying”…
He didn’t just go to the woman and declare that God was wrong about the tree but tried to steal her reverence for God by discrediting what he said about the tree… (God just doesn’t want you to be as He is…)

This week, you need to make a conscious decision to not be swayed or distracted by the devil’s half truths. You must hold fast to what God has promised and instructed you! I’m convinced that your faith, trust and expectations would not be cut short!

Have a blessed week!


Freda Fred-Addo

Twitter + IG- @el_freedah



3 responses to “Morning Motivation 5- Half Truths

  1. I like this! I once heard someone say, temptation is not necessarily a call to “wrong doing”, it is first of all a suggestion of a “brilliant” alternative to God’s idea.

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