Album Review- Sounds of Revival II

I don’t normally do reviews of songs or albums (or books) but this one really had to be done!

I hope you like it…  For subsequent reviews, I would try to make sure I have the songs or at least a download link available… but that depends a lot on your thoughts on this one… so Please, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!


It’s really rare to find an album where EVERY SONG is a HIT…

I have albums where I’ve loved a few songs or maybe even just one and could only listen to others once or per season but Sounds of Revival II by Pastor William McDowell is an album for everyone, in every season!

It’s not just singing like most albums, it’s church! By the time I was through the first five songs, I was deep in worship! Screaming at the top of my voice and worshipping with all my being! It was like there was no one else around! I felt like God gave me a hug today! I could touch His Presence!

I don’t normally like worship albums… not because I don’t like to worship but because I always feel like they’re just doing ‘their thing’… Sounds of Revival II made me feel like I was right there! With Pastor William and his choir! Worshiping in the moment!

A few of my favorite tracks include… well every track on the album!

I particularly liked his short ‘sermons’ in the songs… he spoke of how in some countries, people aren’t allowed to say the name of Jesus! I know as believers in countries where there’s at least a semblance of freedom of religion, we tend to forget that the Jesus we use and abuse here is a sanction for death in some places. So he said to say the name of Jesus for those who need the strength of our voices, those who can’t do say It for fear of persecution.

I also liked “Falling on My Knees”… my favorite line – “somethings I can’t see/understand until I bow down”.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to kneel down and settle in the spirit what troubles my reality! Thank you Jesus for divine understanding! Thank you for insight! For knowing that persecution and troubles precede a great move!

All the featured artists too… on point!!

I know this is an album for EVERYONE! But don’t take my word for it! It’s on iTunes!

P.S. No, I can’t send it to you… my phone won’t let me… sorry! But it’s totally worth every dollar!

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Freda Fred-Addo
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2 responses to “Album Review- Sounds of Revival II

  1. Wow…i came across d tweet on my TL, and i opened it i just listened to some of d songs on d album a few days ago. I like d review…i think im going to dl d other tracks…thanks πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

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