March has been our month of Victory this year in church, and like every other Christian in church, I prayed for victory on every side at the early morning service on the 1st of March!
What I didn’t understand was that by merely praying for Victory, I was “putting myself in trouble” 😂😂
Read below to find out how…

This month is barely half way through and it’s like everywhere I turn, all the things I’d prayed about are just “one kyn”… Receiving blows on every side!!!
Yesterday, God taught me that the mere term “Victorious” means someone who overcame a great trial (Freda’s definition)… we pray for victories and to win our battles but forget that we must actually go through the battle to win! If we’re praying for victory, that means we’re praying for a war 😂😂 … does that now mean that we sit in a shell and not pray for or accept our victory?
No! We gear up, prepare for our battles and overcome them as they come! Because, (and this is something most people don’t know), battles will come whether or not you’re ready or plan for them!
When people share their testimonies, we marvel at how strong they were and how God took them through… my daddy says “the greatest success stories are of those who started from lower down and who overcame more!”…
Till today, pastors, christians and even unbelievers alike talk about Job in the Bible. But we can only imagine how tough the trials he went through were… We can only create pictures in our heads and feel proud and sorry for him…
We talk of David and how God saw him through numerous BATTLES, but we don’t know how traumatizing all the blood and death around him was… living through each battle having maybe one or two ‘friends’ that didn’t make it through…
We’d celebrate Joseph for his victory in becoming Prime Minister of a foreign land but can’t even begin to comprehend his time in the prison or the test of potiphar’s wife!

I, like every other person in church said “Amen” to the proclamation of Victory this month and so far, I do not regret it. If the entire Bible has taught me anything, it’s that Girl + God = certain victory! I’m excited to face more trials because the end is certain… Victory because I’ve got God!

Have a blessed week!
Freda Fred-Addo
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Morning Motivation 5- Half Truths

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The first sin of the first man and woman on earth was not the disobedience of eating the fruit. As much as the entire world likes to blame the woman for making the man to eat of the tree which God had instructed them not to, that was not the first sin she committed! That’s not what caused us to be taken out of the Garden in Eden.

The first sin that was committed was doubt… and just as it was to then, it still is now. Satan never approaches us with fornication right there, there are always preambles and enticers he places here and there.

Genesis 3:4-5
And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

The serpent offered the woman was a chance to be ‘as gods’ (Gen 3)… what she didn’t know is that God had already made her a god!
The devil offered a semblance of what God had already given her! The devil’s biggest weapon is half truths and not even lies! He blows at your faith! He causes us to question the words of God by quoting them and trying to discredit parts of it – “did God really say stealing is a sin? It must just depend on who you’re telling the lie or on your reasons for lying”…
He didn’t just go to the woman and declare that God was wrong about the tree but tried to steal her reverence for God by discrediting what he said about the tree… (God just doesn’t want you to be as He is…)

This week, you need to make a conscious decision to not be swayed or distracted by the devil’s half truths. You must hold fast to what God has promised and instructed you! I’m convinced that your faith, trust and expectations would not be cut short!

Have a blessed week!


Freda Fred-Addo

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Album Review- Sounds of Revival II

I don’t normally do reviews of songs or albums (or books) but this one really had to be done!

I hope you like it…  For subsequent reviews, I would try to make sure I have the songs or at least a download link available… but that depends a lot on your thoughts on this one… so Please, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!


It’s really rare to find an album where EVERY SONG is a HIT…

I have albums where I’ve loved a few songs or maybe even just one and could only listen to others once or per season but Sounds of Revival II by Pastor William McDowell is an album for everyone, in every season!

It’s not just singing like most albums, it’s church! By the time I was through the first five songs, I was deep in worship! Screaming at the top of my voice and worshipping with all my being! It was like there was no one else around! I felt like God gave me a hug today! I could touch His Presence!

I don’t normally like worship albums… not because I don’t like to worship but because I always feel like they’re just doing ‘their thing’… Sounds of Revival II made me feel like I was right there! With Pastor William and his choir! Worshiping in the moment!

A few of my favorite tracks include… well every track on the album!

I particularly liked his short ‘sermons’ in the songs… he spoke of how in some countries, people aren’t allowed to say the name of Jesus! I know as believers in countries where there’s at least a semblance of freedom of religion, we tend to forget that the Jesus we use and abuse here is a sanction for death in some places. So he said to say the name of Jesus for those who need the strength of our voices, those who can’t do say It for fear of persecution.

I also liked “Falling on My Knees”… my favorite line – “somethings I can’t see/understand until I bow down”.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to kneel down and settle in the spirit what troubles my reality! Thank you Jesus for divine understanding! Thank you for insight! For knowing that persecution and troubles precede a great move!

All the featured artists too… on point!!

I know this is an album for EVERYONE! But don’t take my word for it! It’s on iTunes!

P.S. No, I can’t send it to you… my phone won’t let me… sorry! But it’s totally worth every dollar!

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Freda Fred-Addo
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