Morning Motivation (MM) -Hey Sisters!


Here’s one for the women…

Last night I had the opportunity to sleep next to my mum- Bishop Funbi Fred-Addo. And I just found out that she says ‘thank you Jesus’ in her sleep exactly how I do…
I’ve never known she did it and I don’t think I’ve ever been awake to hear her say it but last night… Cuz I barely sleep any more (God has been teaching me awesome stuff at night) … I heard her say it at intervals!
The things you learn unconsciously!


Attending Christian Women’s Fellowship Internation (CWFI) Convention this weekend and people have walked up to mum to commend her on Pastor Daniel Addo’s achievements!
I believe the way your child turns out is dependent on how much time you’ve spent on your knees on their behalf!
At a tender age, mum taught me to pray for my husband and children! I’m too sure that neither can suffer in life or derail from Gods plans because He(God) and I have a relationship, an agreement and a covenant- and we all know he doesn’t break covenants even to a thousand generations!

So, mother, aunty, sister, daughter, friend… Start to talk to God about the things you want to see in the future! He hears, he’ll work it out!



Freda Fred-Addo

Twitter + IG- @el_freedah


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