Letter to My Son

Today, my Big Brother celebrates the x’th anniversary of his 20th birthday… (that’s right, he just turned 20-x). In commemoration of  this great event, I’m sharing a post written by him- we’ll make a series of it… I hope you enjoy it (them) and Please say a Word of Prayer for him.

P.S- Dear Future Nephew, your daddy is My Rockstar!

Happy birthday Pastor Daniel Fred–Addo


Dear Son,

You are merely a dream right now. You are not born, and will not be born for another five years or so. I, your father, am not even married – LOL. Heck, I’m not even dating (but don’t worry, I’m working on that). However, not a day goes by that you don’t cross my mind. I have dreams of raising you up as a passionate, driven, and loving man. I dream about dressing you up in clothes that are identical to mine, and teaching you to ride a bike. I dream often of you! To be sure son, I have other dreams, but you are already a priority for me. I reckon that whatever else I may do on earth, nothing will be more important than being a great father to you.


Son, if I do nothing else for you, I want to make sure you don’t repeat my mistakes. I will like to see you living your life only making new mistakes. I want so desperately to shield you from the errors of your father. While I can’t guarantee it, I can pray, and give you this note as a reminder of the life I desire for you.


First of all son, it’s important you know that your dad is not perfect. Well, if you’re old enough to read this message, you probably already know that – LOL. But, it’s important that I categorically tell you this: I AM A MAN. That means I’m broken, scarred by life, striving always for perfection. It also means that I have a propensity to hurt others (just ask your mum). As much as I will try not to, being a man means I will hurt you son. I wont always say the right things; I won’t always act appropriately. That’s the reality of the world we live in Son. People are broken.


In my short life on earth, I have manifested my brokenness by hurting many. I can give you instance after instance, of people who have been hurt on my journey to perfection. I can tell you of times when my tongue moved faster than my head and released words that scarred others. Oh son, I can tell you of times I made emotional decisions that hurt others. Son, I have hurt many women – both by moving too fast, and sometimes by not moving at all. I know you’re interested in that last bit, but I’ll tell you more in another note.


I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m saying all of this –

Well Son, every man’s dream is to be the object of his son’s admiration. One day, you’ll have your own son, and you’ll want him to think of you as a mentor. For the past 25 years of my life, this is all I have wanted. I’ve often hoped that you will love me, and brag about me to your friends (just like I do about grandpa).


However son, the more I grow, the more I want better for you. The more I live, the more mistakes I seem to make. The more I dream of you, the more I realize that you deserve a much better mentor. Son, as much as I desire your admiration, I would rather have you admiring another man. Yes son! Another man! His name is Jesus. He is the one who is perfection, and who perfects all that is imperfect.


Son, I lied when I said your dad is imperfect. It wasn’t necessarily a lie, it was just half-truth. Your dad is perfect in Jesus Christ. On my own, I am a wreck, but in Jesus, I have found perfection. I can imagine that this is confusing for you. When you grow a bit older, I will explain to you the concepts of instant Justification and continuous sanctification. But for now, all you need to know is, while your dad may be a mess sometimes, Jesus is steadfast in his love, mercy, and grace towards you. And he will perfect all that concerns you.


Son, He loves you beyond words. He died to prove how much you mean to Him. He will never leave or forsake you. Even in those difficult times when your mother and I are out on ministry, He’ll be with you. Son, He is ever gentle and loving, yet firm and bold. He is the best man that ever walked the face of the earth. He is the one I want you emulating. Not me – not frail Dad – but Jesus.


People say that as your father, I will be responsible for shaping your esteem in life. I want to assure you that I will not shy from this duty. However, as much as is possible, I want you to derive your sense of identity not from me, but from Jesus. Let what He says about you in the bible be more influential than anything I will ever say to you. He is your real father, I am merely a surrogate dad.


Son, if you lose everything else in life, don’t lose your relationship with Jesus.


I love you Son,

Your Dad,

Daniel Addo.


14 responses to “Letter to My Son

  1. That’s so beautiful, God will continue to bless and increase you Pastor and make you a great father! Happy birthday again!

  2. happy birthday man of God..may all ur wishes cum to pass and many more supernatural blessings abound for u.

  3. If u enjoyed readn dis lovely post and letter from dan…pls pay ur tithe and offering through me his secretary…lol….happy bday bro

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