It was Mummy Adejo’s birthday yesterday… anyone who knows this woman would refer to her as “Mummy” not ‘Ma’, or ‘Aunty’ or ‘a friends mum’! She has a way of mothering everyone she meets! She’s a blessing to all… but this piece isn’t an appreciative piece to her… because if I did that, there would be no space and I’d run out of words in seconds! She’s that awesome!
This piece is about the pictures Mummy Adejo took with her husband (Daddy Adejo) on her birthday.

The world says, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. If you don’t know someone and you see a picture of them, you may be able to pick up on their kind of person (depending on how perceptive you are)… you see pictures and no matter how much people smile in them, you just know things aren’t great…

Joy (Mummy Adejo’s daughter/ my big sister) sent me the pictures mum and dad took and I was awed!! For a few minutes, I kept enlarging and staring at them. Those pictures compelled me to smile! You could just see happiness in their eyes! And the way dad looked at mum? Wow! It was priceless! Now, you must understand, these people have been married for about 33 years! I know people who have been married shorter and can’t really stand each other… I didn’t know when I got on my knees and started praying… (lol)

Rev (Dr.) and Pastor Mrs Adejo

Rev (Dr.) and Pastor (Mrs) Adejo

I see love everywhere! My biological parents still hug and kiss each other in front of my brothers and I (even when we beg them to stop)… Mum would be scolding me with her voice as fierce as a lion then pick up the phone to talk to Dad and suddenly become this big baby! She will go “hello baby” or say her own version of the word “boo” (you don’t want to hear it!). These people have been together for 27 years, yet they’re still madly in love…

Bishop & Bishop (Mrs) Fred-Addo

Bishop & Bishop (Mrs) Fred-Addo

I’ve looked at these ideal, godly relationships and I’ve come to the conclusion that HAPPINESS IS POSSIBLE… and personally, I’ve refused to settle for less! I have friends who have stayed with a guy who obviously doesn’t deserve them, just because he’s there at the moment… just because after beating her… he got her a cheap wristwatch or food -_-… My dear sister… you’re worth more than that!

A brother whose girlfriend is on and off… but because she’s giving him remnants, he thinks it’s alright… making excuses for the things that matter most and saying ‘I’m sure things will change…’
I believe people are allowed a certain yardstick of faults but with the things that matter to me, I can’t compromise!

Anyone who I’ve ever counseled or talked to about life and love knows that my best line is, “Forever is too long to be unhappy”… I pray for my friends to find good spouses because you can’t be calling me to cry everyday! This may be selfish but happiness is important! Be happy independently (by yourself), don’t depend on others to make you happy. If you find a significant other or a spouse… don’t let them be a cause of pain and grief! Anyone who doesn’t add to your existing happiness doesn’t deserve you!

I leave you with the words of a wise man/woman (I’m not sure)… “if you’re crying everyday in your relationship; you’ve got to ask yourself…. ‘AM I DATING AN ONION?'”

poem by Janette... ikz

poem by Janette… ikz

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