My mother and I bond over conversations of life… we occasionally dabble into random gist but our relationship is very… “Learn a life lesson”. Mum would say, “there’s this movie I want you to watch” and I just know that there’s a serious lesson to be learnt!
Many of our conversations are about life decisions. I think my mother is a very wise woman and I’m not saying this because she is my mother (or because I intend to eat her food or sleep in her house tonight) but because her counsel is genuinely wise!
Of the many lessons I’ve learnt from her, I would say one of my greatest is being future conscious/minded…


I think this is something everyone in this generation needs. We live in a generation where people make abrupt, spur of the moment decisions without considering what happens next. Maybe not the immediate future but somewhere along the line. Let me explain using a popular Nigerian film story line…
Boy meets girl… boy and girl have sex… boy leaves girl (usually to go to the U.S. to “further his education”)… boy returns after many years, marries some other woman and has kids of his own. Then, like there are no other people on earth, boy’s first child with girl and second child with wife fall in love and decide to marry. And it is only at this point that the families meet… girl recognizes boy… the marriage is off and everyone is sad! THE END! “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”!
As annoying and seemingly unrealistic as those stories are, they pass a valuable message! YOU’VE GOTTA THINK ABOUT YOUR TOMORROW!!! Just because its fun now, doesn’t mean it won’t have repercussions. Just because you’re young now does not mean you can’t start working towards tomorrow.Your actions today will definitely cause a ripple effect because every deed is a seed!


Everyone is allowed to make mistakes but how costly are your mistakes? While grace covers our sins, we still have the natural flow of consequences to face. Here’s an example… Say you steal a car and ask God for forgiveness, God loves you and accepts you as saved but the police don’t understand that! You’ll be locked up before the snap of a finger! So even in “mistake-making” be smart. Now, this may seem like an oxymoron… how do you make a mistake smartly? If you knew it was a mistake then you wouldn’t do it… right?
That’s where God comes in. When He guides your path, He guards your heart… if you involve God in all decision making processes… yes, ALL, life would be so easy!! So, while you may fall and rise, the rollercoaster ride is much more fun with God by your side!
**BTW, I rhymed**

Okay bye! 😀

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Oh! btw, I preached a few weeks ago in church… and I would like for you to listen to it!


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