I was having a pretty rough day! Just found out that I lost a sister, I’ll talk a bit more on her death and how it made me feel tomorrow, however, my Aunt read a piece she wrote in her quiet time that lifted my spirit and I feel its something every one needs to see! Here is a piece by Pastor Josephine Buyengum! Enjoy!


Are we willing to allow God define what “good” is in our lives? Can we let go our desire to embrace God’s definition of good? What is good in God’s sight may be different from our views-it may be bad or distasteful to us but the scripture says in Romans 8:28 as far as He is concerned,all things work together for good. God always works for our good. What is good in loosing a loved one or in falling sick etc?
We must learn to trust in God’s bigger and unseen plan for our lives. So is God good when life isn’t? Why would the good God allow a bad friday (the death of christ) just to give us a good sunday? God says his thought is not like our thoughts neither are our ways his way. So learn to totally and whole heartedly trust in God’s goodness,He loves you too much to let you down.

Good night and God bless you!


3 responses to “IS GOD GOOD?

  1. Wow this a day to day reminder of who God is to us,thanks for this word of encourage to people may our God lord bless and keep you.

  2. Awesome! It really lifted my spirits. It’s been a bad week! But I choose to judge God good even when it looks bad. His ways are not my ways.

  3. It is well my dear. Sometimes it seems so difficult to understand God’s ways. But here is what He said in Isaiah 55:8-9..”my thoughts are nothing like your thoughts” says the Lord. And my ways are higher than your thoughts. For just as the hesvens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher thsn your thoughts”. ( NLT)
    Our thoughts says you Should have healed & deliver sharon. But His ways says it is time for Sharon to go home. Be strong my darling to fulfil your own destiny. Am really blessed & i believe that God is good all the time. Love you

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