Yesterday, I lost a sister… I don’t think it’s right to call her a friend, because she meant more to me. When I first started this blog, Sharon would call me to pray with me, encourage me and tell me what I was doing was a good thing! She was an amazing person and will forever be in my heart!
I didn’t get to spend much time with her because of the age difference and the fact that she was always a few steps ahead of me in life! But we share a few memories!
When I first got to high school in JS1, she was in SS3! And that always worked to my favor. We aren’t related by blood but she cared for me the same way she did her younger sisters who were in our school too.
My favorite memory of Sharon is of one Friday in school when we had ‘labor’! For my foreign readers and those who attended day school, labor was a weekly school activity that required the students to clean the school environment. There was always a labor prefect to supervise along with other prefects and SS3 students.
Obviously, this was nobody’s favorite activity! And at the top of the list of people who hated it were Freda and Mofi (Sharon’s Sister and my best friend). Mofi and I would say almost anything to get out of labor, and that Friday, Sharon decided to break the rules for us. So we were dodging labor in Sharon’s room. It was almost the end of the term so we were all very broke but Sharon had 200 Naira and that was her last! She gave it to us and asked us to go to the bakery and buy bread… in her words, “We can manage it for the next few days”… I don’t remember clearly where Sharon went but by the time she came back, Mofi and I had consumed a whole loaf of bread… EACH!!
When Sharon came into the room she had this really shocked look on her face… we had braced ourselves for the shouting, but she turned it into a joke and started calling us ‘bread’! Today, I’ve got high school teachers that still call me ‘bread’!
I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sharon angry to the extent of yelling! She was so peaceful and cheerful and loving. There truly was a “ROSE” in Sharon!
It’s sad that her life was so brief but I’m convinced she’s in a better place! What saddens me most is the fact that I never got to tell her how dear she was to me… I guess that will have to wait till we meet in heaven!


Many times, we don’t get to appreciate the people around us for the love they’ve shown us! I’ve learnt my lesson and I refuse to lose people before they know their importance. We have no idea how far nice, comforting words can go. Sharon knew I loved her… I just wish I said it more!
Don’t let the people in your life die or walk away without knowing they were loved! Say “I LOVE YOU” a little more often!

Please leave comments and condolences for the Arowolo Family and remember to add them in your prayers!
God bless you, and thank you for reading.



I was having a pretty rough day! Just found out that I lost a sister, I’ll talk a bit more on her death and how it made me feel tomorrow, however, my Aunt read a piece she wrote in her quiet time that lifted my spirit and I feel its something every one needs to see! Here is a piece by Pastor Josephine Buyengum! Enjoy!


Are we willing to allow God define what “good” is in our lives? Can we let go our desire to embrace God’s definition of good? What is good in God’s sight may be different from our views-it may be bad or distasteful to us but the scripture says in Romans 8:28 as far as He is concerned,all things work together for good. God always works for our good. What is good in loosing a loved one or in falling sick etc?
We must learn to trust in God’s bigger and unseen plan for our lives. So is God good when life isn’t? Why would the good God allow a bad friday (the death of christ) just to give us a good sunday? God says his thought is not like our thoughts neither are our ways his way. So learn to totally and whole heartedly trust in God’s goodness,He loves you too much to let you down.

Good night and God bless you!


Before I even knew what love was, he showed me compassion and care… I remember we would fight all the time but make up almost immediately.

He has taken care of me all my life and has never once required anything in return!

He is a genuine man of God! My brother, My pastor, My first husband, My partner in crime and my ever available alibi! 

He’ll probably tease me for this and call me “emotional” but its a necessary evil because he deserves this and so much more! 




Today is my big brother’s birthday! And as the generous soul that he is, he’s realising a song from the album he’s working on FOR FREE… it’s called HIDE AND SEEK…. basically, it tells a story of how Christ is seeking us and requires us to come as we are…


My blog isn’t a media/music publicity blog but this song is definitely worth sharing! follow any of the links below!