I sat at my study table wondering what to write. Its been a while since I blogged so I’m a bit rusty. It’s my dad’s birthday today so I planned to write something for him but I’ve been sitting here for almost 30 minutes thinking on what to write and I can’t seem to come up with anything! ☹ This is not because there’s nothing to say about him (If you’ve met my dad you’ll definitely have something to say)… but how do you pen down thoughts on the most amazing person you know?!
After sitting at my desk for almost an hour and thinking on what direction to take this, I finally decided to use one of my childhood experiences to describe my dad! ☺ Enjoy!

dad n Jay

I remember Saturdays so clearly right now because every Saturday morning, I was woken up by Randy Travis’ Inspirational Journey album. I can still remember dad’s speakers booming from right under my room and the first thing I would hear was “I will not drown in shallow waters”. That was always my wake up call… One Saturday was different though. I woke up without the music and my curiosity drove me to dad’s study where the music usually came from. I found him talking with Daniel, my elder brother about something while trying to put some order to the study and as the last born that I was, I interrupted their discussion and jumped on my daddy! (I was 6years old then so he could still pick me up x_x) I remember offering to help him clean and he gave me the tiniest job there (good days).

Daniel n Fred

While we were working, an animated movie came up and that was sort of “Our Thing” Dad and I would sit and watch cartoons and have what seemed like intelligent discussions to me then about Fred Flintstone and Top cat! (Apparently, he was just making my childhood fun). However, this particular cartoon was different. I had been talking about it for a while because I had seen the preview and I didn’t even expect it to air on TV for a while because it had just come out that year. Luckily for us, it did! I was so happy, I called dad to see “our movie” and that’s how we sat to watch it. It was titled “THE MIRACLE MAKER” it was a movie about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. At the end of the movie, I couldn’t hold back the tears… I turned to dad whose leg I was sitting on and asked him why people were so cruel to Jesus. He seemed like a cool guy to me… didn’t do anything wrong. Dad took me and explained the whole idea of Jesus’ death and that he did it for me! So I wouldn’t have to die and I could live in total liberty. I was UTTERLY AWED! I didn’t understand why someone would love me that much… what had I done to deserve it?
After telling me all about Jesus, dad asked me the most important question! “Jesus died for you, do you want to live for Him?” and with so much tears in my eyes I managed to blurt out yes… and he prayed with me. The Holy Spirit came upon me and I began to speak in tongues. It was just amazing! We had church in there!

free and fred

It pains me that I can’t afford to build him a house right now, or buy him a car, or handle all his bills… I know eventually, I will. But sometimes, I want to give him something huge right now. My father gave a 6-year-old girl the greatest gift ever… he gave me GOD and introduced me to Jesus… and there’s no way I can repay him for that. I remember reading the scriptures as a child and reading about Jesus and thinking “oh! This guy is a lot like daddy”… a man who would give a prostitute a second chance, or know that his betrayer was eating with him on the same table and still let him pick from his plate… a man who could just give so much love and expect nothing in return! That’s the kind of man my dad is… Coolest dude i know! He’s a giver, a lover, an amazing FATHER but an even better FRIEND!


I LOVE YOU DADDY! YOU ROCK! We’re going to do great things for God together!


32 responses to “MY FIRST LOVE

  1. That’s just amazing… I pray in the Name of Jesus for Bishop Fred Addo as a child, that he will bless him; keep him, enlarge him. He will never lack and we his children will grow to be a bleesing to ghim.. He shall stay in the boundary where God’s love will continually reach him. Amen

  2. I’m tooo speechless. Its so amazing hw much you love ur Dad. 4rm my short experiences with him (Papa) u can NEVER be angry or dull arnd he always makes 1 smile, he’s an amazing person nd I pray God keeps him blessed and continue to strength him.

  3. Happy Birthday to a very rear Father, mentor, Bishop of my soul, daddy & a prrivedged friend that understands how we feel at all times. A great prophet of our time. What a great honour to be one of your daughters. I wish I can build a mansion for you Daddy for the good work you’ve done in my life & family. You will leave long to enjoy your harvest. You will not grow old. Thank you freda. That was a very touchy blog. Love you always

    • Darling Freda,

      Your write not only captures the thoughts of millions of people around the world, it is also very excellently written. You have not left out any detail about Dad as you have presented his heart of love which makes him an excellent father, his competence as a mentor and his compassion as a leader.

      Dad, you are an amazing blessing to your immediate family, and a host of us who are privileged you call us sons, the body of Christ all around the world.

      I celebrate your courage, the courage you showed in following Gods assignment for your life, an assignment that has restored the hopes of many, healed bodies, homes raised dead people, restored families and improved lives.

      I pray that you abound in all things and at all times unto every good work. You, not lacking in all things, have enough and to spare of every good blessings from God the father.

      Happy birthday dad. Thank you for being such a blessing.

  4. Darling Freda,

    You have not only captured the thoughts of millions of people all around the world, you have done it excellently well. Your write-up presents dad’s heart of love, reveals his competence as a mentor and his compassion for others as a leader.

    I do not have many words but I honor a man who has not only been father to His immediate family in an excellent and impeccable way, but has also been an amazing influence in the lives of many of us who are blessed he calls us sons.

    I pray that dad will continue to experience the effulgence of Gods glory and grace. He experiences the goodness of Jesus on every side.

    God bless you dad for following the mandate of God that has blessed everyone who has come to know you.

    Happy Birthday Dear Dad.

  5. one word..AMAZING!!!.. Happy Birthday to the best Uncle ever…He has been so much a blessing to me and my entire family… wouldnt ask for a better friend. I love you Papa, thanks for being there. Like Freda said, we might nt be able to give you all that you deserve right now but surely as God liveth, someday we will. May God’s presence never depart from you daddy. Faika..on behalf of the Moh’s.!!!

  6. This is beautiful Freda! Dad brings to view the “made in God’s image plan”. His heart is so big and beautiful and it doesn’t change the fact that he will nt hesitate to put u right when u miss the line. He is a man who stands for what is right. He loves everyone irrespective of who they are and he loves God so much. How else can one be The Word of God personified ? Jesus on Earth, which is who we all are meant to be. Thank You for being such great inspiration Dad, a blessing to the world and the body of Christ, and for blessing the world with AMAZING Children! Cant forget to thank you for that.. Haha! With long life and good health you will be satisfied and your light will continue to shine brighter and brighter! HBD Daddy! Love u so much!

    • This is such an AWESOME right-up. AWESOME not so much cos of the writing style(which is to be envied) but MORE cos of the LEGEND the world celebrates today.

      Dad is COOLEST Bishop I have met yet.

      I pray the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 on U & Ur beautiful family, As your days, so your strength will be in Jesus name..

  7. A bit rusty ? Nah! Dat waz AWESOME! Thumbs up. 2day we join our dear papa in celebratin his birthday. We ask & pray dat God shuld grant him mani more yrs ahead, 2 c d mansion u wil build 4 him, & d car u wil buy 4 him. AMEN!

  8. Happy birthday to a wonderful man of God, An awesome write up dear, and i have so many great memories of your dad, visiting in grays and preaching. Maximum i wish papa many more wonderful years ahead and I pray God continues to use hom mightily. He has been a dad to many of us and we celebrate with him today. cheers!!

  9. I hope all your birthdaydreams and wishes cometrue.A simple celebration, agathering of friends; here iswishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.May your birthday be filledwith sunshine and smiles,laughter, love, and cheer.Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day.May the best of your past bethe worst of your future.Happy Birthday to someonewho is forever young.May your special day befilled with memories andflowers, friendship andhappy hours.Have a wonderful day andfabulous year.

  10. Well I think this shuld be the best bday gift for the year seriously no jokes…wishing you long life and prosperity bishop fred addo(daddy) and kudos fredda….

  11. U call this cute write-up “rusty”..I really love..well write..I admire the bond btw you and your dad..simply majestic

  12. hey! nice one!keep it up!!happy birthday to your Daddy….*in arears* God bless the family and ministry!

  13. Little wonder you turn out ţǿ be just the way you are. Keep rolling in that same direction by His grace. Some may just think the reason why some people turn out the way they do is because they are born with a golden/silver spoon, but ί’ll say the simple reason is because they were previledge ţǿ be tought how ţǿ embrace the maker O̶̷̩̥̊͡ƒ the silver spoon at tender age. That was your best gift freedy.

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