Hey Ya’ll!!

I believe you’re having a great sunday! Its been a while since I posted one of mine so I decided to share the story about how JJ “forced” his way into my life! hihi! enjoy! and remember to leave a comment! God Bless!

BTW, its his birthday today, please say a word of prayer for him! thank you! 😀Image

Recently, a lot of things in my life have changed. And I think its safe to say in the past few years, my life has become better due to these changes.


When I was in high school, I had a routine for every time I returned home. I was a boarder so every chance I got to go home was like seeing my family for the first time all over again. As soon as I got home, I would throw my bags wherever I could and rush to mummy’s room for hugs and gist! After that, I would head to my room, have a bath and sleep… and later on, eat and hang out with the rest of the family.


Almost three years ago, I had just returned from school for a brief holiday (I think it was Easter) and as usual, I started my routine. I jumped out of the car before it could even come to a stop, threw my bags in the sitting room and rushed upstairs to give my mother a big hug!


I got into the room and she was looking as beautiful as ever! (My mum is super pretty!). I sat by her bedside and started to download my gist to her. Anyone who knows me well would tell you I’m a fast talker and when I start, I don’t stop! I started talking and talking. And surprisingly, in the midst of my talking, I noticed a bedside décor and it had a card in it that read “mum to be!” I was completely astonished! At first I thought it was a gift from someone who didn’t really know what it meant and probably just gave it to her because it had the word “mum” in it… then I started to analyze the phrase in my head… “Mum to be” … I gave it all the possible meanings I could imagine and avoided the obvious one… MY MOTHER WAS PREGNANT!!!


Just then, I looked up at her and noticed her smiling at me. I asked what it was and she kept smiling. She had the smile I have on when I am guilty so I knew something was up! She was eventually able to tell me she was pregnant and the gift was from my father… and she was scared about how I would feel about the baby. You have to understand, I was the last born for 16years at that point so you can imagine that I was very comfortable with my life. I wasn’t sure how I felt. When I was younger I really wanted a baby sister, but mum and dad didn’t seem interested… all of a sudden, when I had finally accepted my fate, they decided to have another child???


I fought within myself to conceal my tears but I wasn’t successful. I started crying and I could see mum was worried. I told her they were tears of joy… NO THEY WEREN’T!!!! I was terrified by the idea! Thoughts were flooding my mind! I was so sure I would hate the child or have to compete for daddy’s love with it. In my head I thought, THIS IS WAR!


Many months went by and mum was still pregnant. She even asked me to escort her for her regular antenatal visits to the hospital. LOL… it was like she was pouring salt on injury! Like it wasn’t bad enough, she decided to have the baby in the US! At this point I hadn’t even visited US before! And I was born in a hospital somewhere in Kaduna! (Even I don’t know the name)! Sigh! I was up to my neck with jealousy and I’m really not the jealous type. My only consolation was the fact that we were expecting a boy! Another girl would have been torture for me!

Ever since I was young, I had imagined my “sweet 16” birthday party! And coincidentally, it fell a few days after my brother was born… exactly a week to be precise! Neither my mother, nor my father was around! My father had just left the country to be with my mother while she had the baby! In my mind I imagined many more birthday parties like that!  I promised myself that there was no way I would love that child! I wouldn’t even carry him when they returned into the country!


I was still in school when my mum returned, I think the term was over then but I remained in school for what we called “week of grace” it allowed the teachers to compile results so we could take it home with us. My dad had his driver pick me up from school half way through the week of grace and I was excited to go home but not so excited to see the baby.


When I got home, I started my routine. I ran up to mummy’s room and gave her a huge hug! She was chubbier than I remembered and looked a lot fresher (apparently, babies do that to you). From her bathroom, I could hear the subtle whining of a baby and I decided to check on him. I went into the bathroom and some women from the church were bathing the tiniest thing I had ever seen! As soon as I looked into his eyes, I was completely love struck! I just wanted to hold him and protect him all the days of my life! All the negative thoughts I had towards this innocent child had vanished! Suddenly, I felt like something missing had just been returned!


It’s been three years now since Jaziel-John Jamil Addo (JJ) was born and I can comfortably say, he has definitely made my world a better place. I don’t even remember how I survived 16years without him but I’m so glad God made sure he was born into my family!


Why did I tell this long story you may ask… well, it’s simple! Ever since he was born, my routine changed! Now instead of looking for mum, he’s the first person I look for when I get home! I used to be so afraid of change! I hated when my big brother went to high school, worst of all, when he went to college! I hated the fact that my cousins grew and I barely got to see them! I hated the fact that my mother got pregnant when I had just started enjoying my status as “last born”. But the arrival of JJ taught me a lot. When change occurs, even when it seems bad, there’s always good in it. God has promised us Victory at the end of every battle! There`s nothing to be afraid of! Get out of your comfort zone and try something new!