Hey guys! Its been a while… I’m not going to bore you with my introductions but here’s a really great write-up by my newly found sister, Dami Bello! Enjoy!


I wish for a moment you would stop .. and see the bigger picture… One day everything you ever did would fulfil a purpose… There will be no turning back and the mistake you might have made was not believing in love… People think loving hearts are soft hearts but in reality, they are really the strongest and most determined of hearts… Its so easy to hate these days… To love, we must first be weak before we are strong. Let’s humble ourselves again towards one another.. Let’s be weak again towards one another.. I know its scary to love but if we could just surrender to the inner voice that says the simple words “Trust Me”… These days every one seems to be hiding under the blanket of rage, pride and hatred… No one has the time to dig a little deeper into one another anymore.. Its a little like survival of the fittest.. Or plainly put no one’s business. But remember that word you heard once from someone or somewhere.. That opened you to love or that soft touch that reminded you of love.. What I’m saying is faith and love go hand in hand.. Believe in the people around you enough to love them even if they aren’t worth it because the thing is none of us are worth it.. Love someone Today. Love is God. If u think there is no real God or real truth anymore… allow yourself to love and He will show you the light.
-inspired by Freeda Addo.
Dami Bello<3


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