Yesterday, I preached in church… but before my sermon, Joseph Ngasony (a friend and brother) read an article he wrote in his quiet time that basically summed up my sermon… It was so humbling seeing how God used us to give someone his message for that time! I don’t know who God was trying to speak to or what the person was going through but I decided to share Joseph’s article! I know you’ll be blessed!


The word I means a single thing not more than two
When you put together I & am, it becomes I AM
What does “I AM” mean?

I AM is a phrase that is used for individual statements
I AM is phrase that one uses in describing his/herself
I AM is a phrase used in describing a state or condition of a person.

We use the words I AM in making confessions and declarations, the confessions and declarations we make matter a lot because the words I AM carries so much power, which is beyond our imaginations…

So we ought to be careful with the way we use the words I AM… What do I mean when I say be careful…
Don’t use words like…
*kai I am sick
*oh!! my back I am getting old
*oh!! I am dead, I am finished
*kai!! I can’t make it oh
*see I am not beautiful/handsome
*I am depressed
*I am rejected

When you use the words I AM, you either use it positively or negatively

When we use the words I AM we operate either in the FEAR SYSTEM or FAITH SYSTEM… But as a child of God you are expected by God to use I AM as a confession of FAITH not FEAR

*When you make confessions or prophetic declaration you are NOT suppose to tell the truth. I know this sounds weird!!!!!

*The fact is you are weak but your not suppose to tell the truth about your circumstances. Let the weak say I am strong Just like the scriptures say in Joel 3:10

*The principle behind the I am factor is whatever follows the word I AM starts looking for u
*Jesus said ‘if you use my name correctly it is for a memorial to all generations but if you don’t use it correctly you will have to suffer the consequences of applications in the wrong way
* The fact is The poor person is poor but the moment the poor person says I am poor everything in the world of poverty starts organizing itself to the person’s life
*When you say I am, whatever follows the words I AM is coming your way

*The lord will not hold you guiltless
Whenever you say the words I AM the universe is programmed to find you.
The heavens respond, the universe obeys when you say I am
Whatever you decree must come your way just confess, “I AM”

* Begin to confess what the scriptures say
Psalms 139:14- I am fearfully and wonderfully made
Roman 8:37, -I am more than conqueror
1peter 2:24- by his stripes I am healed
I am a royal priesthood
I am Prosperous
I am successful
I am Rich (very rich)
I am Wealthy
I am Healthy
I am Dark and lovely
I am Strong
I am a Happy person
I am Intelligent
I am Smart
I am in love with Jesus
I am victorious
I am a covenant child of God

Just confess I AM with positive words
*The bible says in proverbs 18:21 “life and death is in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat its fruit”

So the I AM confession that u make determine whether it is life or death to your life
So are willingly to eat the fruit of life or death? If u are… Then also get ready to make your I AM Confessions.



17 responses to “THE “I AM” FACTOR

  1. I honestly can’t explain how I got here but I know it was no mistake cos I AM blessed!! I AM inspired!! I AM motivated!!

  2. Did you ever hear the sermon – The I Am Factor – by Bishop Tudor Bismark? He said the exact things. Interesting. He preached it in 2010 or 2011. You posted this in 2013. Can you clarify?

  3. Wow, Joe! This is wonderful! That’s just what my favourite song is all about… The “I AM” Factor… I am rich, i am strong and healthy, i am beautiful, i am intelligent! More grace bro!

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