Yesterday, I preached in church… but before my sermon, Joseph Ngasony (a friend and brother) read an article he wrote in his quiet time that basically summed up my sermon… It was so humbling seeing how God used us to give someone his message for that time! I don’t know who God was trying to speak to or what the person was going through but I decided to share Joseph’s article! I know you’ll be blessed!


The word I means a single thing not more than two
When you put together I & am, it becomes I AM
What does “I AM” mean?

I AM is a phrase that is used for individual statements
I AM is phrase that one uses in describing his/herself
I AM is a phrase used in describing a state or condition of a person.

We use the words I AM in making confessions and declarations, the confessions and declarations we make matter a lot because the words I AM carries so much power, which is beyond our imaginations…

So we ought to be careful with the way we use the words I AM… What do I mean when I say be careful…
Don’t use words like…
*kai I am sick
*oh!! my back I am getting old
*oh!! I am dead, I am finished
*kai!! I can’t make it oh
*see I am not beautiful/handsome
*I am depressed
*I am rejected

When you use the words I AM, you either use it positively or negatively

When we use the words I AM we operate either in the FEAR SYSTEM or FAITH SYSTEM… But as a child of God you are expected by God to use I AM as a confession of FAITH not FEAR

*When you make confessions or prophetic declaration you are NOT suppose to tell the truth. I know this sounds weird!!!!!

*The fact is you are weak but your not suppose to tell the truth about your circumstances. Let the weak say I am strong Just like the scriptures say in Joel 3:10

*The principle behind the I am factor is whatever follows the word I AM starts looking for u
*Jesus said ‘if you use my name correctly it is for a memorial to all generations but if you don’t use it correctly you will have to suffer the consequences of applications in the wrong way
* The fact is The poor person is poor but the moment the poor person says I am poor everything in the world of poverty starts organizing itself to the person’s life
*When you say I am, whatever follows the words I AM is coming your way

*The lord will not hold you guiltless
Whenever you say the words I AM the universe is programmed to find you.
The heavens respond, the universe obeys when you say I am
Whatever you decree must come your way just confess, “I AM”

* Begin to confess what the scriptures say
Psalms 139:14- I am fearfully and wonderfully made
Roman 8:37, -I am more than conqueror
1peter 2:24- by his stripes I am healed
I am a royal priesthood
I am Prosperous
I am successful
I am Rich (very rich)
I am Wealthy
I am Healthy
I am Dark and lovely
I am Strong
I am a Happy person
I am Intelligent
I am Smart
I am in love with Jesus
I am victorious
I am a covenant child of God

Just confess I AM with positive words
*The bible says in proverbs 18:21 “life and death is in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat its fruit”

So the I AM confession that u make determine whether it is life or death to your life
So are willingly to eat the fruit of life or death? If u are… Then also get ready to make your I AM Confessions.




So sorry this took so long to be posted! School has been overwhelming! Here’s the part Two of “THE BRUNETTE EVANGELIST”. Enjoy!

     I hope I left you anticipating the end of the gist… Well, here it is. I got on the first bus that came my way, and my target was just sitting there. A pretty young lady I must say, obviously going back home from school. It couldn’t be a coincidence, she was the one. So I sat beside her, settled down, breathed a little prayer in my heart for confidence, and then paused my music.Trying to start up a conversation without looking too creepy, I asked the basic questions of where she schools, course, year, level and all that and to my utter surprise she’s agnostic (a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God). So I began to preach the gospel to her and she seemed to know the basic things about what I was saying, admitting she was a Sunday school teacher before. Being a history major,she began to challenge me with the validity of different religions, the fallibility of scripture and the cruelty of the cross. I was calm; I smiled a lot and with the little theology I know, mixed with the joy of sharing the gospel, I slowly explained the good news that the gospel is. She was silent for a while, and I could tell from her expression that she was looking for arguments to combat me with again: she couldn’t find any. I passed her the last tract, asked if she had any prayer point, which she gladly made known to me. She didn’t convert and I couldn’t be bothered about that because it’s the work of the Holy Spirit to convict. She expressed her frustration at how Christians professed one thing but lived another, and that cut me to the heart. Well, we had a great conversation; we alighted at the same place and said goodbye.


Two points from this long story; we have been given the privilege of sharing the gospel and partnering with God in his mission to reconcile humanity to himself.  2 Corinthians 5:20 says that “we are ambassadors of Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.” The hearts of men are ready; God yearns to save people as they hear the gospel and He’s inviting us to be the means by which they do but sadly so many of us are too busy to think of that. God wants his passion to be our passion. The opportunities are wide open; everywhere before us; on the bus, in school; at work; wherever. Who would’ve thought that my brown hair and spending extra cash would lead to somebody hearing the gospel afresh? The time is NOW!!! If you won’t take it from me, at least take it from Jesus who said in Matthew 9:37 that “the harvest is RIPE, but the laborers are few.”

Secondly, the reason why a lot of people don’t want to embrace the gospel is because we as Christians do not live the life we are called to live. The world is watching us and they do not want to be part of the hypocrisy we are engaged in, they want the real thing. They want to see a bunch of people whose lives’ have been radically changed by the very same gospel we preach, and that is HOW they will be drawn to the light of Christ. 

Thank You.


So! I was thinking, and i figured… Instead of putting up only my posts and boring you all, i could put up other peoples posts! Everyone has a story to tell and I started this blog to inspire anyway! So… if you have anything to contribute, please email me: and maybe, you might just bless someones life! To kick this off, here’s a post from a friend of mine… FEMI FADIYA popularly known as VON TRAP ( @vtrap0001) Enjoy! and be blessed!


“So i got to school quite late today(almost one hour after the scheduled time for lecture) and this is very much due to the fact that my professors never come early and being the person I am who is not very enthusiastic about school and just resuming school from an unofficial two day break,it just seemed like the right thing to do,GO LATE TO SCHOOL! Plus it’s friday and with my Nigerian and Hausa mentality that friday is half day,even though i’m in a country Where the populace is 90% Christian, I just found a way to justify my lateness. Anyway, with all my lateness, I still got to class before the professor and with my classmates, i waited patiently for this professor of lateness whose presence or absence didn’t even matter much to me. So there i was, the least bothered because i had my headphones playing some good Christian hip hop; and my classmate came over to me and we got talking for a little while about our thesis, the Harlem shake craze among other stuff, then he asked the rather random question “did u dye your hair?” and i smiled asking “why?”. He then told me that it was brown (that color is always the death of my afro dream). And so it began the journey of my first day of March.

That rather random question my classmate asked got me thinking throughout class(and yeah, the professor finally came). So my hair is really brown? What would happen to my afro which i planned to braid during summer? What should i do to it? Should i get it cut? When? Where? What style? I finally made up my mind to get it cut so the first thing i did was ping my girlfriend who has always been anti-afro and as expected, she was excited. At this point i really felt like she was Delilah and I was already considering a break up (this is the only fiction part…lol), so i was faced with the most important question, WHERE TO GET THE HAIR CUT? I had two options: go to the nearby barber where it would cost 50 box or travel to my customer which would cost me 200 box. It is important to know that my next allowance is not very close and I am almost running low on cash. The question lingered on in my mind throughout class and then after the class, I had my mind made up, go to the farther place, it didn’t seem like the wisest decision at this point but i could risk it to get what i really wanted. So just before i left my house, I felt the leading to take 3 tract leaflets that explain GOD’S WAY TO HEAVEN. I got on a bus and sat beside this guy who didn’t really seem interested in the world, he had his headphones on as did I, and then the battle in my spirit started, to give or not to give? I let it pass and shortly after, he alighted, then came the next person, a middle aged man who seemed to be concerned only about reaching his destination. At this point ,I was really sleepy so i took a little nap and when i woke up, he left for another seat, I let that pass also. But a few minutes away from my destination, there came this guy who had 3 piercings on his ears and would pass for a thug, YES!!!,this is it, I passed one tract to him and he just glanced over it and gave me an unexplainable look and alighted, I whispered a little prayer in my heart asking GOD to bless that. To cut the long story short, I got my hair cut, passed the 2nd tract to the cashier at the salon and was left with one tract….my target was clear, my seatmate for the bus ride back home…….”

to be continued











“Let me start by thanking Okey and then Freda for their vital thoughts on self-value. It is on these ideals that all successes are built. You cannot compare a basketball player with a footballer; and if a footballer tries to be like a basketballer, he won’t last long in his own game, he will end up with a red card. The bottom line is that, there is more to you than others will have you believe, so you will do yourself good, not to try to be a star in someone else’s game.


However, I will like to add a simple thought, just to kinda balance the equation.  In my few years on earth, I have found out that, the “BE YOURSELF” and “LOVE YOURSELF” philosophy, is used by many people as a mild but arrogant stance. My point is that being and loving yourself, should not stop you from being challenged by the good things in others. It can be an easy way out, to see excellence in other people and simply wave it away by saying, “I’m different”. So while we are not trying to be like other people, we must be willing to learn from them and sometimes push ourselves an extra mile, because sometimes, the only way to find out what you have inside, is to find admiration in what other people have outside.


A footballer can actually learn from the basketball player, not by putting his hand on the ball, but by being challenged by the amount of time the basketballer invests in his training; as well as his disciplined life and idiosyncrasy.


As a pastor, I’ve met many young people who have a hard time with every love relationship they go into. They tell me that what they need is someone that will love them for who they are. Then I chat with them to find out who they are and we both realize that half of who they are, they don’t approve of. Whatever happened to true friends who love you, but challenge you to be better?


The point is that, we must never be afraid to change, while appreciating who we are, we must also realize that we need other people’s excellence, challenge and even advice to stir us to becoming better. So love yourself enough to tell yourself the truth that you need to improve. Also, don’t simply settle for the fact that if others are good at something, therefore you’re not. From personal experience, 6 out of 10 times, what you admire in other people, are things you should have been doing but you put away for too long, that you’re not willing to take the challenge.


Since I’m a preacher, I’ll leave you with a scripture:


Prov 37:17 (Message version) – You use steel to sharpen steel, one friend sharpens another”