As promised, my version…

In my first year of high school (Gray’s International College, Kaduna), I was quite popular; everyone knew who I was; teachers, students and workers inclusive. It wasn’t because I was a talkative, or because I was smart or anything. It was because my brother was a senior in school and of course because of my parents… at first it was really nice being the most popular freshman and all the girls wanting to be my school mother or “famzing” me to get closer to my big brother, but along the line, ordinary harmless popularity turned into expectations on  their path… and these expectations became a burden on me. People wanted me to be exactly like my brother, they wanted me to act and react like him. And although we were born and brought up in the same home, we were and still are far from similar.


Subsequently, in order not to lose my “newly found fame”, I actually tried adjusting into their pattern for me. You don’t want to imagine how many times I heard “why can’t you be like Dan?” making me try even more to be like my brother to the extent I started forgetting who I was… losing myself to become who they wanted me to be. Trying so hard to be accepted that I began to live a life of lies.


The problem with people these days is we try so hard to gain the approval of humans instead of being comfortable in our skin. Whatever gift you have or however you look (physically) was made to fit into God’s plan. There are things I can do that my brother can’t even dream of attempting and vice versa; but I’ve learnt to embrace who I am and shun what other people think. The only opinion that matters is Gods because I was made BY HIM, FOR HIM!


I’ll like to urge you today, accommodate your flaws. Work on them, BECOME A BETTER YOU, get in touch with the inner you and build yourself to what God wants you to be! There’s something in you that you won’t see until you ACCEPT YOU FOR YOU! Don’t look enviously at your neighbor’s gifts. We were all called for different purposes to fit into His perfect plan. You’ve gotta learn to LOVE YOURSELF!

Remain blessed.




13 responses to “LOVE THYSELF 2

  1. This I love so Much…most times we are too bust tryna fit in and impress others so much that we forget to stand out.nice piece….

  2. Wow!!! This is so inspiring. Thanks alot i have learnt alot reading ur blogs buh this one.. I knew I had to comment. Keep up the good wrk

  3. This is my favorite blog thus far! It’s so true once you realize that God made no mistake when He created you, you will see life a completely different way! BTW- i wouldn’t want you to change cause i love my Freda the way you are! Wonderfully Made! #keepthemcoming

  4. Inspiring and Motivating, God bless you my Mentor.. More inspiration and anointing. To all readers, Remember the best you can be is to be yourself.
    Michael for Soul winners Mission

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