I got a broadcast message(bc) from a friend (Okey Anyawu) today that went perfectly in line with a piece I had been working on… so i decided to share them both! Enjoy! 🙂 


I have seen way too many people feel frustrated because they do not have the kind of abilities that a friend, brother or colleague has. This isn’t healthy!


Some people set goals “I’d be the world’s number one” just so they can prove a point. This competitive spirit is killing so many emotionally. Some people compete in every area of life, not allowing themselves the room to be natural-to be themselves. Some say things like “I’d show you I can get the best boyfriend or Husband”.


Look don’t you get it? Everyone in the world is blessed differently in unique ways and there’s no blessing or ability that is bigger or better than another. All that matters is how you use your own giftens.


Freda Addo is a dear sister and beautiful friend. She has an ability to listen to practically any song ONE TIME and get all the lyrics! She can then sing that song on her own and won’t miss the lyrics. She surely has a magnetic memory. I can’t do that! Does that mean I should spend the rest of my life miserable? NO! There are things that I am blessed with that she isn’t blessed with! This is the simple reason why all of our body isn’t the eye! Imagine how horrific that will be. (Just see eyes everywhere, rolling. lol-disturbing).


Dear friends, focus on the things God has blessed you with. If you knew anything, you’d know that you have been made a success already! There’s no need to keep tabs on others. Just do what you have been born to do! Quit struggling and allow God’s grace. You are blessed in unique ways. …and God saw that all that He did was good- Yes ALL- Including YOU!


GOD Bless You

16 responses to “LOVE THYSELF 1

  1. Woow this good! We are who we are! Not what we choose to be! Destiny must take its course and so also fate in turn! Bless you! I’m inspired!

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