ImageWe were in a group together and she used to be so nice and friendly… she used to come to my room so we could work together and sometimes even share personal stories and secrets. Before this group work was assigned to us, we didn’t like each other and it was obvious. We would pass each other and not even say a word! Then we started working together, we realised we were very alike and wanted the same things in life. It was easy to talk to her about stuff because she understood me. I could even say we were friends! I’m sure you’re wondering why I keep speaking in past tense…. That’s because it’s in the past now.


Under Yola’s hot sun, I was late for class and I spotted…. (Lets just call her Mary) Mary from where I stood. I had the hugest grin on my face when I saw her; I practically lit up! I was so happy to see her because we didn’t talk over the break. I just assumed she wasn’t reading her mails or getting my text messages. But today, for the first time in the New Year I had seen my Mary. She walked towards me and her facial expression didn’t seem inviting… I just guessed she had a bad day or the sun was frustrating her or something! I kept making excuses for her in my head. She came closer and closer and my huge grin became even wider. I called out her name and was moving in for a hug when I realized she wasn’t doing the same. So I carefully comported myself and looked at her as she walked past me into her dorm…. You can imagine how pained I was! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was unbelievable!!! I was beyond flabbergasted! I just swallowed my shame and went on to class. Luckily, very few people were there! Praise God for that!! 🙂


Obviously, I could not concentrate in class… I sat there wondering if I’d done anything wrong to offend her or maybe I didn’t text enough or call enough during the break. When I confronted her she could not give me a reason. How was I to know what went wrong and possibly apologize for it or at least iron it out? She was mean to me for no reason and she couldn’t even justify it with an explanation!


I know you’re curious as to why I’m giving so much personal gist! Here’s my point! There’s only one person that is forever your friend. One person that loves you more than any other person! One person who knows all your flaws and accepts you just the way you are! ONE PERSON THAT LOVES YOU DESPITE YOU! No, it’s not your mother, neither is it your father, your spouse, you twin sister or any other sibling! It is God! The one person that never changes towards you even when you do wrong by him. Forever merciful and forever faithful father. He can be whatever you want him to be whenever you want!


That day I learned something I had known for a long time and I believe it was a reminder… PEOPLE CHANGE! Although Mary and I still talk a little, we haven’t gotten to the place we used to be. I’m not sure I trust her anymore and I’m not setting myself up for another “heart break”. People change their minds all the time! Today they love you and tomorrow they can’t stand you. Your husband is faithful today and tomorrow he’s sleeping around. You can never really trust humans, you trust the God in them. I came to the conclusion the only permanent friend I have is Jesus and I know He’s here to stay! This is just a little Valentine reminder to everyone! JESUS LOVES YOU! And even when everything around you changes, the unchanging changer remains the same!





22 responses to “MY PADI FOR LIFE!!

  1. I really like your posts baby, you do a great job! I mean blogging isn’t moin-moin ya dig? Oh well, God bless you for me, and keep posting! You never can tel whose life you’re touching! Love u mami! :*

  2. Hmmm… True! People change indeed… Jesus is for everyone and he loves, cares and won’t leave… Weldone freeda! Happy valentine..

  3. Sweedy, am really proud of u…There’s a bomb of inspiration waiting 2 explode within U I can feel it….u are really leaving footprints in peoples lives nd dats all that matters, I love ur inspiration is jst 2 good….keep up d good work ur reward is not wit Men but with God in heaven! Love u plenrie….

  4. God bless you for all your inspirations. To be sincere it touched me too just keep up the good work and I pray that you’ll be blessed with the double portion of Daniel’s excellent spirit

  5. Freda this is a wonderful example of how people will change on you but remembering that Jesus will never change! Hebrews 13:8 Jesus will never change 🙂 Thank you for sharing, keep them coming!

  6. This is pretty good! Jesu is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Am so glad Freda. Keep making the impact sweetheart !

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