Hi again! 

First of all, I’ll like to say a huge thank you to all who helped broadcast and share the first post, those who left comments and of course, those who read! God bless you very plenty!!!


 I had a conversation with a friend recently that sort of inspired this post… we were talking about friends and family and how it is such an ordeal to deal with them sometimes. So I decided to share what I learnt from it…


 More often than not, people will hurt you, people will be self-centered and their desires will be placed ahead of yours, even at the expense of your feelings. It’s a sad reality of life, one we have all experienced and have been guilty of. While you’d expect that we all accept this as norm and therefore shield ourselves, we still find ourselves being terribly hurt. This is because there are people you expect a lot from, people you expect to know better. Logical reasoning proves that out of ten times you are hurt, at least eight will be a “close friend” or “family”. Mostly because, there is a certain degree of close relationship required to cause emotional pain. You see, close relationship breeds trust, which when broken produces pain.


 Dealing with this can be really hard, this is because these are the people you expect to “have your back” and be there for you when you’re hurt! This is a complex situation of being hurt by the ones you thought would bare your hurt…truly complex situation. Who do you talk to at a time like this? Who can you even trust? If your close friend can do this, who’s left in the world? Who do you turn to when a good friend accuses you of stealing from her, or your mother just doesn’t seem to understand you, or you have a cheating spouse, or perhaps your father loves your siblings better than you? And of course you cannot choose to be a loner! So where do you find solace at a time like this?


Through the hurt and the pain, the issue on if to forgive or not arises…  you begin to consider if you should just let it go or continue in your pain. Well, I know it will be hard but I’ll advice you to FORGIVE! I also struggle with forgiving (I’m only human!), especially when the person in question has hurt me so many times in the past! But think of it this way, if you truly are friends, there must be something that instigated the relationship in the first place, are you really ready to lose that thing? Is the person not of more value to you than the issue? If you answer any of these questions negatively, then it just means that friendship wasn’t meant to be.


Sometimes when someone upsets you, it is harder but more profitable to be the bigger person and APOLOGIZE! I can imagine you disagree with me right now but when you consider it, some relationships are not worth losing over pride. I know of people who have unstable relationships with their parents because of a minor disagreement and a huge block of pride in their hearts; and I can’t imagine how they survive! Pride comes in the middle of a beautiful thing and turns it ugly!



Even the Bible talks against pride- “PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL”. I don’t believe people deserve the treatment you give them but you treat them good for yourself, for personal satisfaction, just so you know you did the right thing! The way I see it, I love my family and friends and they have been with me through tough times, whatever it is that caused the disagreement is not worth it plus I’m too lazy to hate anyway! (lol).


So instead of carrying a block of anger and disappointment in your heart, forgive someone today, call up that friend and apologize! Think of the good times you had and try to patch things up! Life is truly simple, but we complicate it for ourselves with hatred, anger or pain. I know you may not agree with all I’ve said about pride, forgiveness and apologizing but that’s just my sole opinion!





10 responses to “LIVING ABOVE HATE

  1. This is absolutely dope… I once was in a situation where I was at fault, it wasn’t intentional but immediately I realized I apologized and She *ahem* also apologized too (but to me it wasn’t Her fault sha, it was my fault all along)… That’s the way its spoz to be… #Learn…

  2. Lovely Piece! If God can say He is faithful and Just to forgive us each time we ask him to even when we offend him in our right minds he loves us beyond our wrongs,then I believe we forgiving others would be u and I acting like God. And that will please him. The fact that God hasn’t written off anyone saying ” u don’t deserve forgiveness” is good enough for us not to hold back forgiveness! God bless you Freda!

  3. Amazing!!!!………I hate reading christian blogs coz they tend to be very! Very! Boring(my opinion) buh this is an amazing piece love it keep on with the good work and address more pressing issues in the church today..

    • Its rare to see a blog that such a great balance of spirituality and funny ways we live today. I guess what got me the most is the fact that nobody actually desires to be a loner ……..that’s painfully true. Forgiving is not an easy ride but if we love GOD, we have to find it in our hearts to forgive ………. I learnt that. Thanks Freedah!

      • Its rare to see a blog that has such a great balance of spirituality and the funny ways we live today. I guess what got me the most is the fact that nobody actually desires to be a loner ……..that’s painfully true. Forgiving is not an easy ride but if we love GOD, we have to find it in our hearts to forgive ………. I learnt that. Thanks Freedah!

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