Sigh! Hello!

I’m really undecided about this because I have never really been much of a “blog person” or “blogger”; as a matter of fact, many blogs I have read provided me with humor as I felt they tried too hard! So it is quite ironic that I’m doing this. However, I’ve always liked to put my thoughts down maybe not with pen and paper since this is the 21st century but using social media. Recently, I’ve had it in my heart to write about my experiences because in 2012 I lost a lot of people dear to me. And it got me thinking; life is short and if I die today, I have nothing out of the ordinary to be remembered for. So with the hope of helping someone through a tough time or simply inspiring someone, I decided to start a blog. I have a few bloggers that have further inspired me to take this up as a hobby, the likes of Prince Huntly Anabs- “the journey begins”, a personal mentor of mine- Kemi Awoyemi- “thresh house” and Simon Samuel- “holy spirit inspired”.

Okay! So…. Now that you all know how I feel about blogging, here are some very subtle details about me just for formality sake! My name is Freda Farida Addo, I come from a Christian home, and my parents are preachers so expect a lot of Godly posts (lol)! I am really young, I come from a family of 3 kids, my elder brother, myself and my baby brother and I’m very simple or at least I’d like you to think I am… I am a sucker for good music, I believe solely in Jesus Christ and… that’s pretty much it!

I won’t bore you with details and doctrines; my posts will be as short as possible but I really hope you are blessed or can relate with something on my blog! Have fun! Explore! And please let me know what you think!!! Before I leave, here’s a parting gift, something for you to think on till my next post.

“The fact that Jesus died on the cross doesn’t mean

He’s still in the tomb! Things in your life may not

look good now but they will surely turn for the better!”


twitter – @el_freedah


59 responses to “THE GENESIS

  1. This is a welcome development as it will go a long way in inspiring our teeming youths who spend d chunk of their precious time on blog…..God bless u dear. Do remember to ff bk on twitter…..Skales is my idol 4 ur info….. I luv d Addos.

  2. Wow finaly the long awaited teen gospel blog bus stop has been found, my dear am more than happy for this great initiative of urs. I pray God grants u the grace to keep up this good work.

  3. I like your reason for having this blog, its contains exactly what this generation needs to know, allow me call it an ” anti-yolo” blog. Can’t wait for your next post, I pray it touches the hearts of millions. GOD bless you

  4. This is awesome start to a promising blog. You are poised for greatness, embrace it! Wish you the best!

  5. dear Freda, I pray that the inspiration of the Almighty will continually flood your mind and indeed your life. I am so grateful to God for you and proud of you. More of God’s grace be upon you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  6. I’m so inspired and proud of u, knowing that u love Jesus, nd u r already manifesting as a daughter of God rom8:19 may God give u grace to continue…. Amen!

  7. awwww! i’m sooo proud of u and am inspired at how much you stand for what you believe in! welldone dearie, not many people do that!

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